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Joshua Radin

För några år sedan hade nog den amerikanska singer/songwritern Joshua Radin varenda tonårshjärta runt sitt lill-finger. Hans musik var en ständig vapendragare på mp3-spelarna som såg ut som usb-stickor. Med sin oändliga kärlek till Sverige är han nu tillbaka på svensk mark – denna gång i Göteborg!

For those who don´t know, who is Joshua Radin?
– You’d have to listen to all seven of my albums and even then you’d just scratch the surface.

How would you describe your music?
– Elvis Costello said: ”talking about music is like dancing about architecture”. You listen to it. But if I have to try I guess I could say it sounds like a whispery voice singing it’s truth.

If you didn’t end up in the music business, what would you’ve done instead?
– I grew up wanting to be a painter, and after that didn’t work out I started writing screenplays, comedies to be precise. So I think if music hadn’t taken off for me, I would still be writing comedy.

What’s your relationship with Sweden and Gothenburg?
– I fell in love with Sweden the first time I visited to play a concert, about 8 years ago. I met so many wonderful people that it just felt like a second home instantly.

You and Måns Zelmerlöw, what’s the story there?
– He and I met years ago and became friends, played golf together a few times, and eventually discussed trying to collaborate on something together. So we recorded a version of my song ”Belong” as a duet.

I’ve read somewhere that you’ve dated more Swedish women than American, how come? What’s the biggest difference?
– That’s not true. I’ve only dated a couple Swedish women over the years. But my ex girlfriend, who is the inspiration for my last two albums, is Swedish. But I will say I find it very refreshing being in Sweden because of the gender equality. I like a woman who knows she’s just as good if not better than a man when it comes to doing anything.

Earlier this year you released your 7th album, The Fall, tell us a little bit about that!
I’m very excited about it because this is the first time I’ve self-produced my music. So it feels like the most honest work I’ve ever done. It’s a love story. It’s a collection of love letters. And they are all honest accounts of my deepest feelings for this one woman.

You’ve been touring quite a bit these last 10 years, what’s your craziest memory from your time ”on the road”?
– I have no idea. I wouldn’t say crazy. More magical. I’m the luckiest person alive. I still can’t believe I get to do the greatest job in the world.